The Film

This is the story of Bancharam and his dilapidated garden house which is said to be haunted. Bancharam lost his wife and younger daughter in a car accident seven years back. Unfortunately, he couldn't recuperate from this shock. This has made him edgy and cantankerous. Taking advantage of this situation, his other two daughters plot against Bancharam, along with their spouses. Their intention? To inherit the Baganbari. Things take an interesting turn when out of nowhere, Bancharam's younger daughter returns unexpectedly. Apparently, she had lost her memory and was living in a shelter. This makes Bancharam's other daughters anxious, insecure and jealous as they fear that their father will hand over his entire Baganbari to his younger daughter. They plan for ways to kill Bancharam by scaring him with a ghost, thinking that this might result in a heart attack. But all plans of murdering Bancharam go haywire when inexplicable and mysterious events start happening. A pandemonium ensues. Welcome to the comic and eerie world of Bancharamer Baganbari.

Catch the movie on 28th July @ 1pm.


The Director

Rajdeep Ghosh has worked as an Associate Director to eminent Filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly for many films & also worked as an AD Film maker for many TVC's and Corporate Films. He then successfully turned into a director with movies like Subho Saradiya & our recent popular musical Zee Bangla Cinema Original's Gupi Gayen.



Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Sudipta Chakraborty, Rubel, Satabdi Mitra, Barna Banerjee, Amlan Majumdar, Shantanu Ghosh, Anindya, Arnab, Sunil Banerjee, Riddhi Dasgupta (Child), Rupam Mondal (Child)


Director – Rajdeep Ghosh
Producer - Abhimanyu Mukherjee, Nemo, Shomit Bhowmick
Dop - Sudipta Majumder
Editor - Subhajit Singha
Music - Ashu
Art director - Kaushik & Sagar