The Film

This is the story of chirpy Charki, an 8-year-old girl from a middle-class business family. Her father, Rajesh, is a jeweller and also deals in gemstones. However, the shop runs mostly on credit. Charki is Rajesh's daughter from his second marriage. He married his sister -in-law Saraswati after his beloved first wife, Lakshmi, passed away. Saraswati, incidentally, ran away with a local guy leaving baby Charki with Rajesh. Since then, Rajesh's only focus became his business and lived a mundane life governed by rituals and spiritual practices.

Rajesh has an elder son from his first marriage, Patka and he's the only one Charki shares a close bond with. But Charki is a bundle of energy and it is difficult to control her exuberance. Rajesh comes across a middle-aged teacher who coaches Charki using newer teaching methods. Charki takes a liking towards this genial old man and often, her father would catch them laughing together. Her grades also improved and Charki became better at her studies. However, Rajesh suspects something and decides to relieve the teacher of his duties. What will happen to Charki? Find out in this lovely teacher-student drama.




Biswanath Basu, Shantilal mukherjee, Arunabha dey, Oishika Guhathakurata


Story: Souryakanta Roy
Direction: Chitravanu Basu
Screenplay: Rohit De, Soumya Nandi
Dialogues: Balmiki Arnab, Suparna Ghosh Mitra
Producer: Opera Movies
Creative: Rajdeep Ghosh
Production Design: Arnab Sinha