The Film

Zoya Rehman, one of the finest & brave police officer get transferred to a village called Ekchakra. The village is a character in the film and silence is the sound of it. Most of the people don't like police there and are very cold about everything that goes around. She reaches there to find out that the police chowki is also not equipped to handle bigger crimes & the officials in charge are very indifferent to the plight of common people. She was told that apparently there is no major crime in that area since last two years & everyone is living in peace and harmony. But soon she finds out that the village is the gateway of women trafficking and more than a thousand women have been trafficked through that area since last few years. Unable to match the statistics she starts investigating in her own way which leads her to face the most influential person of that area, thakurmoshai. A pundit who was a former Zamindar of that area and now earns his alms by doing pujas and other family businesses. Further investigation reveals that this person has created a different pattern of extortion in that area. He has negotiated and forced the village people to agree to his terms; which was to send at least 3 girls each month and he will spare the rest. The villagers agreed to this to avoid the mayhem that was caused before this treaty. An old teacher leads Zoya as no one was ready to say anything and busy pretending normalcy. Bakrakshas, as the Thakurmoshai was termed by the old teacher reminds us of the old Mahabharata story.

The story gradually leads where Zoya fights with her inner fear of losing dear ones to trump the biggest criminal of that area, Bakrakshas.




Priyanka Rati Pal, Indrasish Roy, Sugato Roy, GARIMA GHOSH, Jayanta Biswas, Garima Ghosh, Atmadeep Ghosh, Pradip Khnara, Koushik Goshwami.


Writer/Director: Sanjoy Bhattacharya