The Film

Gupi is a countryside boy who has a born talent of singing. Gupi has a legacy of singing in his family, his grandfather was a famous classical singer and his father was also a great singer, but he failed to get success in his life and died in his early age. The whole anger and frustration of Gupi’s mother fall upon the singing career of his father and she decided to not allow his son to sing ever.

A 15year old Gupi can’t ignore his inner voice, he often sings in front of Monta, his one and only friend or when he is alone. He knows about his restrictions, he asks his mother to know the reasons of not singing but there was no proper answer from his mother. In these situation Gupi met the ghost of his grandfather who often meet him and asks him for singing and says there will be no problem and Gupi will become a singer one day.

In the school the art teacher Bhooteshwarbabu announced Gupi’s name as a participant of annual function and replaced Kedar son of the local real estate promoter Das babu who is one of the school committee member also. Kedar couldn’t be happy after hearing Gupi’s name for the annual function and threatened Gupi to put down his name. Despite of all these tensions there was a ray of hope as Iman whom Gupi met in rehearsal. Iman is a new admission of their school and become a good friend. Das babu finished all his hopes by leaked the news that Gupi will sing in the annual function to his mother and there was also another threat of leave their house as Gupi’s father took a loan by mortgaging their home to Das babu.

Gupi put down his name from annual function because of the oath of not singing which his mother took from him. Iman misunderstood Gupi and he couldn’t express his condition to Iman at all. That day Gupi again confront to his grandfather and he said to Gupi that everything will be in proper placement from tomorrow.

The next day in the morning Bhooteshwarbabu came to meet Gupi and started to train Gupi as a singer. Meanwhile there is an announcement that Zee Bangla will take an audition for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Bhooteshwarbabu again put Gupi’s name for the audition and between the time the friendship of Iman and Gupi revived again. But Gupi is concerned about how to tell his mother about singing and how to face Das babu. Then Grandfather appeared again said that he planned some solution for both. When Das babu came again to threat Gupi and his mother he couldn’t speak a single word for an unknown reason. Das babu get frightened and leave their place.The next day Grandfather appeared to Gupi’s mother and cleared her confusion about Gupi’s singing career and also give the solution to get relieved from Das babu.

The Director

He worked as an Associate Director to the eminent Filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly in many films. He made a life story named “Ticktock” and worked as an AD Film maker for many TVC's and Corporate Films. After Shubho Sharodiya, "Gupi Gayen" is his second directorial venture under Zee Bangla Cinema Originals.



Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Aparajita Adhya, Saswata Chatterjee, Sabyasachi Chakraborty


Concept & Direction - Raajdeep Ghosh
DOP - Chitra Vanu Basu
Editor - Shubhajit Singha
Music Director - Saikat Chattopadhyay
Story - Abhinandan Banerjee
Screenplay & Dialogue - Chand
Costume Designer - Jayanti Sen