The Film

Dibyakanti got his daughter Tapasya married with great pomp. After marriage too, there was happiness in Dibya Babu’s heart. He had done his duty, and now he decided to take a break from his office work so that he can enjoy his freedom at the comfort of his home with a clear conscience and a good bank balance in the offing. He was excited about his planning of reading books, enjoying morning sunshine, listening music, eating homemade Bengali mouthwatering food and relaxing on his rocking chair.

Just when things were looking perfect; one day he found his son in law Palash sitting at home on his armchair in front of his television, wearing his favourite kurta and his pajamas. When Palash made his intention clear that he is going to stay here for a while Dibyakanti got really irritated about the fact that why on earth his son in law would leave his own house and end up here. That too when he himself is in holiday mode. As days went by Palash had not only taken over his clothes & favourite armchair but also his drawing room, his shoes, his veranda, his television, his DVD player with all his old collection , his music system and even home food is getting made as per his son in laws demand.

Dibya Kanti’s peace and happiness disappeared & in desperation called up his daughter Tapasya and realized with great astonishment that she was not worried at all and perfectly happy with her own in laws. With no signs of Palash leaving his house and in the process of ruining his entire holiday Dibyakanti decided to take the matter head on and teach his son in law a lesson. What would Dibyakanti do? Watch this hilarious tussle between Father in law and son in law only on ‘Jamai Elo Ghorey'. Catch the movie on 29th June @ 7pm.


The Director

The director duo of Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy both believe in cinema that appeals to the heart and head. They take on subjects that are varied, and their treatment of each film has a unique appeal. “Cinema should speak its own language and communicate with a larger audience.” That is why the duo makes films that have layers and sub-text interwoven with a good dose of entertainment.

Together they have made movies like – Jodi love Dile Na Praane, Bapi Bari Ja, Hercules, Cross Connection, Prem By Chance, Teen Yaari Katha, Bit Noon, Amar Mayer Biye. Apart from this they are a viewer's favourite with Zee Bangla Cinema Originals like: Ekla Chalo, E Bhabeo Phire Asa Jai, Akashchoan, Abar Ekla Cholo.

Sudeshna Roy is also a famous face in Bengali Television.



Ridhima Ghosh, Samadarshi Dutta, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Tulika Basu, Abhijit Guha & Sudeshna Roy.


Director – Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy