The Film

Ask any Bengali you see, and they will tell you fond nostalgic stories of the great Kolkata mess houses. A ‘mess-bari’ or a mess house used to be twentieth century boarding houses that popped up around business and educational districts and streets of Kolkata. Thronged by young men and women seeking job opportunities, these mess houses have now become more modern AirBnB flats or PG apartments. Yet their nostalgia remain untouched. The film is set in the year 2025. The city of Kolkata today is completely devoid of any mess houses, except for a hidden, unknown mess-bari lurking around Chetla - ‘Mittir Mess’. Owned by Promod Mittir in the 19th century, this mess house now houses 8 different individuals. Sesh Mess is centered around these 8 different individuals and their interpersonal relations, their issues and how they cope with life in this dilapidated property.


The Director

Aditya & Kheya are storytellers, filmmakers and creative directors who’ve been working on feature films, music videos, commercial ads and digital media. Together, they have own and run DhikChik, a creative agency. Their films and creative projects are vibrant, energetic and dynamic!



Gourab Chakraborty, Aparajita Ghosh Das, Abhijit Guha, Arindam Ganguli, Basabdutta Chatterjee, Aditya Sengupta and Kheya Chattopadhyay


Director - Aditya Sengupta & Kheya Chattopadhyay
Producer - B Sirkar Films LLP
Story, screenplay, dialogues - Aditya Sengupta
Cinematography - Sudipto Majumdar
Art - Arnab Sinha
Editor - Subhojit Singha
BGM - Ablu Chakraborty