The Film

Tui Amar Hero is a love story of two very contrasting characters – Biku and Piu.

Vikram aka Vicky & Piyasree aka Piya belong to the same ‘para’. Vicky is the quintessential tapori who can’t even pronounce things properly and Piya is just the opposite, a well-educated successful upper-middle class independent woman doing well in her life. She is a no-nonsense person & takes her life very seriously. She believes in planning & everything has to be in proper order because of her meticulous nature. She is not too outgoing & a little reserved in nature.

Vicky works for a local politician, and does odd jobs for the para. But he is also loved by many for his good-hearted selfless acts for the needy: especially for the older generation. Vicky & Piya live in the same neighborhood & were childhood friends. As kids they travelled in same school van driven by Vicky’s father. But Vicky’s father was an alcoholic & irresponsible man. After he had lost his father Vicky left his studies & got lost in the transition working for local clubs & politicians to earn his livelihood. Distracted & with no-one to guide him, he soon earned the reputation of a local goon who keeps fighting with people, got shunned by the so-called upper class families & bhodroloks.

Piya on the other hand has done pretty well for herself. She is about to get married, but on the day of the final “Paka Dekha”, the boy ditches her. They reunite when Piya’s boyfriend ditched her, reignite their childhood friendship and unexpressed attachment towards each other. Vicky shows her the reality of her boyfriend and in the process they bond. Vicky was that right spark of stupidity & freshness Piya needed at that moment of her life to come out of her setback & feel alive.

Set up in the background of North Kolkata, this lighthearted & funky rom com will explore the process of natural assimilation between two opposite world, especially from different classes. Will there be love? Watch out for ‘Tui amar Hero’.


The Director

Director Soumyadipta Mondal has one previous ZBCO film to his credit: Para Theke Premier. He helms the direction of Tui Amar Hero.



Priyanka Rati Pal, Joey Debroy


Screenplay & Direction: Soumyadipta Mondal
Story: Sudipta Dey & Soumyadipta Mondal
Script: Soumyadipta Mondal & Sanjay Bhattacharya
Production House: Leo Films